Housing Market Improvement ‘spreads across UK’

Research by the RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, has indicated that activity in the housing market is increasing fastest in parts of the UK where previously house prices have been the most depressed.

They state that homebuyers are returning to the market in their highest numbers for four years with the greatest activity being in the West Midlands and the North East. Although every region saw an increase in house prices, the biggest rises occurred in London and the South East.

Prices rose higher in July than in any time since 2006 but in the West Midlands and the North East this was the highest rises in some 14 years.

Wales and Scotland are also experiencing an increase in activity. Although house prices have been rising in part of the country since the beginning of the years this is the first time that the increase has affected the whole country.

At Bevan Surveyors there has been a sharp increase in demand for Homebuyer and Building Surveys since February and this has continued throughout the summer further emphasising the pick-up in the housing market.


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